Intuitive Designs has been providing design services for embedded systems for over 25 years. We
have experience with industrial environments, medical applications, and wireless communications.
Our goal is always to provide a design that exceeds the customer's original expectations.
Our headquarters are located in the San Francisco
bay area of California with additional facilities in
Southern California allowing us to provide direct
service anywhere in the state. We can also remotely
support customers anywhere else.
Example Designs
Ultra-Wideband RFID reader
Gigasample/second arbitrary waveform generator
Closed-loop stepper motor controls
Generalized cellphone interface to a PC for remote development
Controls for a high-speed taco making machine
FPGA prototype board for a Bluetooth chip
Evaluation board for the Altera Max II chip.
Control system for cellular repeater stations.
Autonomous delivery robot for hospitals
Distributed synchronized projector system for film and audio.
Resistance welding controls